Should I stop my SEO campaign after reaching the top of Google?

Whenever most businesses reach top rankings, they frequently ask whether they should stop their SEO campaign now. In fact, even many SEO service providers seem to be unaware of the answer. Every SEO forum sees a lot of uproar and action when such a question is asked. Can a website have enough SEO and link building? Is there a limit? Or is it a never-ending cycle?

To answer the question, we need to understand how SEO works. SEO involves a continuous campaign in which the goal is to acquire more high-quality backlinks than your competitors. The search engine results landscape is influenced by millions of variables, which include not only the algorithm of the search engine but also all other pages. There are thousands of websites that link to your website.

Google can influence many options, such as page rank, which in turn can affect your website. Similarly, thousands of sites may compete for the same keywords. The fight for the best seats is a 24/7 fight. It never ends. Not even when you are sleeping or on vacation! At any time, the same activities that you do are also done by your rivals.

In such a scenario, which side will come at the top? The website that has purchased the most and best inbound links. Yes, I know that many of you will say that page optimization and content also strongly affect the SERPs of a website. But if we look at anything but the same, it’s backlinks that make or break an SEO campaign. You can only target SEO with odd sites that target very low number keywords, but such success will be hard to replicate for highly competitive keywords.

Sites with great and useful content are often referenced, quoted, and used by other sites and bloggers as they discuss a topic. In a way, backlinks support their SEO campaign. How many websites can contain great content referenced by other websites? How many companies can do this? Let’s agree with the fact that good content is not so easy to write.

Well, to answer the question we talked about. The answer is NO, you can not stop SEO. Once you have reached the top position; Go to a maintenance mode. Discover new keywords to dominate. Why stop only with a few keywords? Start an SEO campaign to reach more keywords, more markets and more viewers. And never be complacent. If you even slow down in your SEO campaign, it’s very likely that a stubborn competitor will overtake you in just a few months. Can you afford that?